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How to check your car registration status?

How to check your car registration status?

We all know that we need a valid driver’s license to operate a car on the road, but did you also know that your car needs to have a valid registration in order to avoid a possible penalty? Make sure you’re up to date on both your driver’s license and car registration to avoid any issues down the line. Knowing your car registration status is essential for staying on top of renewals and avoiding fines from expired documentation. Without proper registration, you may not be able to drive and in some local council areas of Australian states, you can not even park your car in certain areas. Understanding the process of checking the status of your vehicle registration can help ensure that you remain compliant with local laws and regulations. In this article, we will show how to check your car registration status in a quick and easy way.


Every state in Australia offers an easy way for car owners to check their registration status online via the transport department’s website.

Checking Car Registration Online

Checking your car registration status is a relatively easy and straight-forward process. All you need to get started is the vehicle’s registration number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Checking your car registration status online requires only a few clicks and takes little time.


Checking Your Vehicle Registration at The Transport Department Office

Simply head over to your local SA’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport website, find the check registration section, and enter in either your vehicle’s VIN or its registration number. You will then be provided with all the information you require regarding the validity of your vehicle’s current registration. In most cases, you will also be able to print out a new copy of the document if it has recently expired or is up for renewal soon.

What Happens If You Drive After Your Car Registration Expires?

Fines for driving an unregistered vehicle are costly, and in some states, they can be upwards of $1000 plus other additional charges. Save yourself the headache and potential expense by ensuring that the car you’re looking to buy is registered, or if you’re planning on driving someone’s car for a long trip, check its registration status ahead of time.

What Should You Do If Your Car Registration Has Expired?

You should renew your car registration as soon as you realise it has expired. You will be fined if you continue to drive it on the road. If you have a new car with a valid registration, you are not required to renew the old car’s registration. If you decide not to keep your old car with an expired registration, you can sell it for cash instead. Adelaide Fast Car Removal provides instant cash for unregistered cars and free pick-up from any Adelaide suburb.

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