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Turn Your SUV Loophole Into Money in 2022

2022 Is The Time To Turn The SUV Loophole Into Money
Turn Your SUV Loophole Into Money in 2022

The automotive industry is evolving and, as a result, many consumers are opting for less expensive vehicles. With the shift to lightweight vehicles, these SUV models have shorter lifespans than their predecessor. While all of these cars are built for safety, they may not withstand the rigors of collisions and self destructing car parts.

If you’re curious as to why I’m saying this, keep reading:

Repair Issues

There are many issues that owners of SUVs have to deal with for both minor and major repairs. The most common of these are just small leaks, but there are also more serious problems that arise. For instance, some people have had their transmission explode after driving on the highway for a few miles. Other people have had the throttle stick when trying to start their car, or when it’s in operation. An example of constant repair issue is SUVs is the Cadillac Escalade and its often breakdowns and heating and air conditioning problems that costs up to $2000 in repairs.

Reliability Issues

If you’ve been considering the purchase of an SUV, you might want to think twice. Numerous people have found that SUVs are not reliable and they break down frequently. A study conducted by Consumer Reports revealed that two-thirds of all SUVs will break down before they reach the end of their third year with malfunctions such as transmission problems and engine failure. SUVs are not known for being long lasting, with constant complains of engine failures and transmission issues filling the list.

With the number of SUVs and other large cars on the road increasing, safety is not just a concern for pedestrians and bicyclists. Recent studies have shown that SUVs are more likely to roll over in an accident then cars or trucks with lower ground clearance, meaning that they are not only more dangerous to passengers but other drivers on the road.

There are many cases where an SUV has crashed due to high speed or difficult weather conditions, resulting in fatalities for the vehicle’s occupants. An example of an unreliable SUV is the Chevy Traverse which is known for engine seizures and failures, transmission issues and electronic errors which can cost thousands in reparation bills.


In conclusion, you should sell your used SUV because it is no longer an efficient vehicle, can be costly to repair and maintain, and much too risky to drive around knowing it could have engine faults.

Therefore, due to these three reasons, you should consider selling your used SUV for a demandable price both parties will be gaining. 

Conclusion stands while reiterating that the dangers of the SUV are very serious and also a death-trap, which is not worth risking your life to brag over a SUV when you can simply sell it and invest in a safe and lower maintenance vehicle.

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